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Commercial TV News Reporters

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OFFLINE   Right Here...Right Now #1

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Posted 20 November 2009 - 04:18 PM

I am making a news reporter list for wikipedia and I need to find out all the reporters names for channel 7, 9 and 10. I have already got a few, and I was wondering if you could add to the list and tell me of any mistakes. Also when adding to the list, please make sure you put down what state they report in and if they are the political reporter e.t.c. And moderators, please don't delete this thread.

Melbourne Reporters
Amy Parkes
Rebecca Maddern (Also Fill-in presenter)
Sally Young (Chief of Staff)
Brendan Donohoe
Emma Power
Peter Morris
Norm Beaman
Alicia Grabowski
Mia Greves
Kate Osborn
Karen O'Sullivan
Nick McCallum
Ben McNair
Andrew Lund
Dean Felton
Nuala Hafner (Sunrise)
Leith Mulligan (Sport)
Michael Felgate (Sport)
Tom Rehn (Sport)

Sydney Reporters
Chris Reason (Senior reporter)(Also fill-in presenter)
Sarah Cumming
Sara Groen (Fashion)
Angela Cox
Robert Ovardia
Sean Berry
Louise Milligan (State Politics)

Brisbane Reporters
Darren Curtis (Senior reporter)
Neil Warren (Senior reporter)
Michael Best
Michael Coombes
Peter Doherty
Erin Edwards
Kylie Hodge
Talitha Cummins (Also fill-in presenter)(Also weekend weather presenter)
Jennifer Nicholls
Shane Webcke (Sport)(Also fill-in sport presenter)
Trevor Gillmeister
Patrick Condren (State Politics)
Ben Davis (Sport)(Also sport presenter Thur-Fri)

Adelaide Reporters
Jessica Adamson(Also fill-in presenter)
Chris Dittmar (Sport) (Also sport presenter Tue-Wed)
Caroline Kelly (Also fill-in weather presenter)
Mark Soderstrom (Also fill-in presenter)

Perth Reporters
Sally Bowery (Also fill-in presenter)
Emmy Kubainski (Also weekend presenter)
Geoff Parry
Adrian Barich (Also weekend sport presenter)
Chris Young (Sport) (Also sport fill-in presenter)
Paula Voce (Also fill-in presenter)

Mark Reily (Politics)
Gemma Haines (Politics)
Andrew Greene (Politics)
Alex Hart (Politics)
Ranhi Sadler (US)
Mike Amor (US)
Jodie Spears (Politics)

Sydney Reporters
Alissa Warren (Also fill-in presenter)
Davina Smith
Amelia Adams
Simon Bouda (Crime)
Mark Burrows
Ross Greenwood (Finance)
Denham Hitchcock
John Kerrison
Adam Rascall
Andrew McKinlay (Sport)
Charles Christian (Sport)
Jessica Rich (Also fill-in presenter)
Gabriella Rogers (Medical)
Damian Ryan
Chris Urquhart
Kevin Wilde (State Politics)
Clinton Fletcher (Sport)
Nathan Sparks (Sport)
Sarah Harris (Today) (Also fill-in presenter)
Joanna Townsend (Also fill-in presenter)
Elvina Simpson (Also fill-in presenter)
Allison Langdon (Also fill-in presenter)
Peter Harvey (Also fill-in presenter)
Kristie Carter (Also fill-in presenter)

Melbourne Reporters
James Talia (Also fill-in presenter)
Brett McLeod (Also fill-in presenter)
Kellie Curtain
Rachael Rollo
Martine Alpins
Tom Steinfort
Jacquline Freegard
Tim McMillan (Courts)(Also fill-in presenter)
Alicia Gorey (Also fill-in presenter)
Vicky Jardim
Melanie Davies
Karen Huf
Clint Stanaway
Christine Ahern (Today)
Tony Jones (Also Sport Presenter)
Justin Rodski (Sport)
Gareth Hall (Sport)
Lisa Andrews (Sport)(Also Sport Weekend Sport Presenter)

Brisbane Reporters
Lisa Backhouse (Medical)
Lane Calcutt (Senior Reporter)
Ben Dobson (Sport)
Neil Doorley (Police Reporter)
Matt Dunstan
Sally Eeles
Tony Fabris (Police Reporter)
Alison Fletcher
Spencer Jolly (State Politics)
Phil Wilmington
Melissa Mallet
Alex Smith

Gold Coast Reporters
Petrina Zaphir
Jessica Ross
Brendan Hockings
Carley Walters (Also fill-in presenter)
Ashley McDermid

Darwin Reporters
Leah Hannon (Court Reporter)
Kyrrie Blekensiop (Also fill-in presenter)
Justin O'Brien (Police Reporter)
Michelle Buckworth (Sports Reporter) (Also sport presenter) (Also Weekend Presenter)
Michelle Fraser (Chief of Staff and State Politics)

Adelaide Reporters
Chris Salter (Crime and Law)
Andrew Montesi (Sport)
Will McDonald
Corey Norris (Also fill-in sport presenter)
Joel Dry
Tom Hicks
Selga Berzins
Caroline Winter
Virginia Langeberg
Tom Richarson (State Politics)
Ali Carle (Sport)(Also fill-in weather presenter)
Jennifer Ashcroft (Courts)
Michael Smyth (Also fill-in presenter)

Perth Reporters
Rob Scott (Crime)
Adam Haynes (State Politics)
Rochelle Mutton
Ebbeny Faranda (Also fill-in presenter)
Les Faulds
Marianne Harrison
Paul Jenkins
Cecile O'Connor
Tegan Sapwell
Lee Steele (Also fill-in weather presenter)
Peter Vlahos (Sport) (Also fill-in sport presenter)
Kate Gale (Sport)
Bob Harnett (Sport)

National Reporters
Peter Stefanovic (US)
Robert Penfold (US)
Laurie Oakes (Politics)
Daniel Street (Politics)
Elvina Simpson (Finance)
Ross Greenwood (Finance)
Joanna Townsend (Finance)
Amber Higlett (Finance) (Also fill-in presenter) (Also Weekend Today News Presenter) (Also Early News part-time presenter)
Kristie Carter (Finance)

Sydney Reporters
Catherine Kennedy
Evan Batten
Amber Muir
Eddy Meyer
James Boyce
Josh Murphy
Ron Wilson (Also Early News presenter)
Tim Potter
Frank Coletta (Also fill-in presenter)
Daniel Sutton
Gabrielle Boyle
Emily Rice
Angela Bishop
Jacqueline Maddock
Matt Doran
Belinga Heggen (Also fill-in presenter)
Ali Donaldson
Brett Mason
John Hill
Victoria Murphey (Sport)
Rob Canning (Sport)
Andrew Blow (Sport)
Scott MacKinnon (Sport)
Andrew Brown (Sport)
Neil Cordy (Sport)
Adam Hawse (Sport)
Leanne West (Sport)

Melbourne Reporters
Allan Raskall
Angelina Anictomatis
Andrew Leahy
Ben Lewis
Cameron Baud
Cameron Smith
Christopher Still
Ellesa Throwden
Gareth Boreham (State Politics)
Gerard Scholten
Kate McGrath
Luke Waters
Rakhal Ebeli (Also fill-in weather presenter)
Ellessa Throwden
James Wakelin
Alicia McMillian
Kelli Underwood (Sport)
Rob Waters (Sport)(Also fill-in sport presenter)
Luke Schneider (Sport)
Ian Cohen (Sport)
Roger Oldridge (Sport)
Adam McNicol (Sport)
Tim Hodges (Sport)
Hermione Kitson

Brisbane Reporters
Amanda Fitzgerald (Also fill-in weather presenter)
Scott Beverage(Also fill-in presenter)
Tim Collitis
Lexy-Hamilton Smith (Also fill-in presenter)
Max Futcher (Also fill-in presenter)
Wesley Denning (Sport) (Also fill-in sport presenter)
Chloe Simmons (Also fill-in weather presenter)

Adelaide Reporters
Peter Sellen (Motoring)(Also fill-in presenter)
Esther Lindstrom (Also fill-in presenter)

Perth Reporters
Nick Way (Also fill-in presenter)
Samatha Jolly (Also fill-in presenter)
Lachy Reid (Sport)(Also fill-in sport presenter)
Matt Moran (Also fill-in weather presenter)

National Reporters
Angela Bishop (Entertainment)
Emily Rice (Environment)
Jaqueline Maddock (Finance)
Amber Muir (Finance)
Emma Dallimore (US)
Danielle Isdale (UK)
Paul Bongiorno (Politics)
Hugh Rimminton (Politics)
Brad Hudson (Politics)
Natasha Exelby (Politics)

For any changes that need to be made or names to be added, just reply to this post and write the reporters name, state they report in and if they have a special job (e.g Sport Reporter) and I will add them to the list. Thanks to everyone who contibutes.

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OFFLINE   Alco_pop! #2

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Posted 20 November 2009 - 06:12 PM

Sara Groen - incorrect spelling above
Angella Cox - General Reporter/ fill-in national updates
Robert Ovardia - double check spelling
Sean Berry - geeneral reporter
Louise Milligan - political reporter

OFFLINE   Alco_pop! #3

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Posted 20 November 2009 - 06:14 PM

Alex Hart - Canberra political seven news

OFFLINE   jimbo #4

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Posted 20 November 2009 - 06:17 PM

there used to be a section for this in the old Mediaspy Wiki. Maybe an idea to bring this back in the Mediaspy Archive OR The Spy Report.

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Posted 21 November 2009 - 04:37 PM

Nuala Hafner; not Naula.
Mia Greves; not Greavs
Tom Reid? Supposed to be Tom Rehn (Sport)
Rebecca Maddern Reporter/Fill in Presenter
Emmy Kubainski Reporter/Weekend Presenter
Talitha Cummins Reporter/Weekend Weather Presenter/Fill in Newsreader
Aela Cullen is no longer with Seven
Jodie Speers (Political Reporter)

Lauren Harte is no longer with Nine
Alissa Warren Reporter/Fill in Presenter
Amelia Adams Reporter
Kyrrie Blekensiop Reporter/Fill in Presenter
Sonia Madigan no longer with Nine, presenting News on TVNZ
Hermoine Kitson Reporter
Amelia Charlton; (Adams) no longer with Ten, now a reporter for Nine Sydney
National Reporter:
Jacqueline Maddock Finance/ Fill in Presenter
Emily Rice Environment

OFFLINE   Right Here...Right Now #6

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Posted 21 November 2009 - 05:58 PM

Just so everyone knows, I am not putting down if they are a fill-in presenter.

EDIT: Scratch that

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OFFLINE   Cyril Washbrook #7

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Posted 21 November 2009 - 06:14 PM

Wikipedia formerly had presenter lists, but these were removed two years ago with the justification of WP:NOTE [Notability]. I think it is legitimate to doubt whether having long lists of presenters on Wikipedia would be in accordance with common sense applications of WP:NOT [What Wikipedia is not] and WP:NOTE.

OFFLINE   Right Here...Right Now #8

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Posted 21 November 2009 - 08:02 PM

Ok, well I can we put them on here then?


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Posted 21 November 2009 - 09:54 PM

Just a few more notes.. Tell me if you want me to stop :)
Clare Brady; she is a reporter for Today Tonight, not Seven News
Amy Parkes Reporter (Melbourne)
Elvina Simpson; she is also a fill in presenter
Amber Higlett; no longer involved in Finance, she is a fulltime Newsreader with Nine Early News, Weekend Today and various Fill in Jobs.
Jodie Noyce; also left Nine alongside Lauren Harte (r.e. post before)
Ron Wilson; Is he a reporter? Or is this also including Presenters?
Geof Parry Reporter (Perth)
Basil Zempilas Sport (Perth)
Adrian Barich Sport (Perth)

OFFLINE   Right Here...Right Now #10

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Posted 22 November 2009 - 10:39 AM

Isn't Basil Zempilias (bad spelling) the weekday sport presenter?

OFFLINE   jimbo #11

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Posted 22 November 2009 - 03:33 PM

yes, Zempilas is Weekday Sport

OFFLINE   Right Here...Right Now #12

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Posted 27 November 2009 - 04:44 PM

Maybe the site editiors could move this list to the Archives or Spy Report and make it so people can edit it and add names.

OFFLINE   pinkcamelot #13

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Posted 14 January 2010 - 05:47 PM

TEN NEWS, Sydney

Andrew Leahy - is a Melbourne reporter
Catherine Kennedy - no longer works for Ten

Ali Donaldson
Brett Mason
John Hill
Belinda Heggen (currently on maternity leave)

And with Matt Moran in Perth, I think you mean Matt Doran who is now in Sydney
Also Ron Wilson is not a reporter, he is a Presenter....

You could also add:
Paul Cochrane
Andrew Blow
Scott Mackinnon
Andrew Brown
Adam Thompson
Neil Cordy
Adam Hawse
Leanne West
Rob Canning
Victoria Murphy

Canberra Bureau
Paul Bongiorno
Hugh Riminton
Brad Hodson
Natasha Exelby

OFFLINE   antonius #14

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Posted 18 January 2010 - 08:06 PM

TEN NEWS, Sydney

Andrew Leahy - is a Melbourne reporter
Catherine Kennedy - no longer works for Ten

Where is Catherine Kennedy departing to? Been with Ten for a few years

ONLINE   Rockvegas #15

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Posted 19 January 2010 - 07:34 PM

Nine News Brisbane

Melissa Mallet
Alex Smith
Jessica Ross (Gold Coast)
Brendan Hockings (Gold Coast)

Nine Sydney

Davina Smith

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